A couple was reunited after months apart due to the coronavirus

A husband and a wife who have been married for about 70 years were finally reunited after several months apart due to the coronavirus pandemic. Walter Willard and his wife Jean Willard could not stop kissing each other after reuniting. Jean was moved into the Eddy Memorial Geriatric Center in New York after she was showing signs of dementia.

"My dad would go over there every day and spend most of every day, in the beginning he was there all day from the morning until night when she went to bed," Willard told WRGB.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, the nursing home created restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus. It was hard on the both of them, Jean would cry asking for her husband throughout the situation.

The emotional and touching reunion of the two were caught on camera in a video below.

Video: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/couple-married-for-70-years-reunited-after-months-apart-due-to-coronavirus-restrictions/

This story was originally published by CBS News.

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