Boy with cerebral palsy raises $99,000 for charity

A young boy who has cerebral palsy did a walking challenge inspired by Captain Tom Moore where he raised over $99,000 for charity. Tobias Weller, 9-years-old, uses almost the same walking frame like Captain Tom who also has autism.

Before lockdown he was walking 50m per day and now he has completed 26.2 miles in 70 days. He did the challenge outside his home with his mom Ruth Garbutt.

His mum Ruth Garbutt told the BBC "I'm bursting with pride for my little boy.”

Along with walking he raised an amazing $99,000 that will go to Paces School, where Tobias goes to school, and Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

"I love it when my neighbors clap and cheer for me and getting stronger and stronger every day is such a good feeling,” Tobias stated.

Police officers even participated by closing off the road in Sheffield where he lives.

This story was originally published by LAD Bible.

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