One grandmother threw on a pink unicorn costume to see her grandchildren

Hugging or even touching other humans has become a rarity with the coronavirus pandemic so one grandmother found a creative way to greet her grandkids. Maureen Sweeney put on a colorful unicorn costume and headed over to see her grandkids. Hugh Dillon, her son, captured the whole thing on video.

She only lived a few blocks away from her grandchildren and was in a rush to hug her grandchildren since he hadn’t been able to since March 17.

The video has been viewed over 2,000 times on Instagram with people commenting how touched they have been by the reunion.

“Thanks you so much for sharing this beautiful moment,” wrote one commenter. “Cried tears of joy.”

Even with the costume being protective the CDC still recommends wearing a mask and to practice social distancing.

This story was originally published by FOX 10.

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