Bud Light now has Frozen Margarita Popsicles For Sale

Now you can have your childhood treat combined with alcohol with Bud Light's new Freeze-A-Rita Margarita Icicles. This is a perfect summer treat with a boozy twist on it. These popsicles come in a case of 12 and have both Lime-A-Rita and Straw-Ber-Rita flavors. Each one has 8% alcohol.

They are supposed to hit the stores nationwide in May. These are easier, faster and more convenient than making your own margaritas at home. This is not the only new product Bud Light is introducing, they are also releasing Bud Light Lemonade as well. This is known as a Radler, which is half beer and half lemonade. These are sold in 12 packs and have 4.2% alcohol in them.

This story was originally published by Simplemost.com.

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