An elder man who lost his job started his own YouTube Cooking Channel

After a 79-year-old man lost his job as a grocery store bagger due to the coronavirus pandemic he decided to start his own YouTube Cooking Channel. Carlos "Tito Charly" is from Mexico and has become an instant star on the internet.

On Youtube he shares recipes like grilled cheese with bacon and chorizo, dried meat with pilonchillo and chilaca chiles stuffed with shrimp and chorizo.

In each recipe he even uses his own line of ingredients including cheese, chorizo and dried meat he sells through messaging platform WhatsApp, according to Reforma. On the channel so far he has five cooking segments and even one dedicated to thanking his subscribers.

His wife passed away and his daughters got marred and moved out so he has nothing but time on his hands. Thankfully his grandson has agreed to help with the technology part of it all.

He can be reached at 811-102-6685 on the WhatsApp, according to the newspaper.

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