Cute Video Shows a Brother helping his Sister Getting her First Slam Dunk

This little brother helps his sister achieve her first slam dunk and it was all caught on video. Abby MacCurtain, 9, and her brother, Tomas, were playing basketball outside May 14 when the dunk was caught on video.

In the video recorded by their father, Greg, Tomas is seen holding the basketball hoop at a a lower level so his sister is able to dunk it into the net.

“You can do it,” Tomas is heard encouraging his sister in the video. Abby is able to have a successful slam dunk with her brothers help.

Abby was diagnosed with Leigh's disease, an inherited neurometabolic progressive disorder at just 9 months old. At first Doctors told her parents that she might only have two years to live but they were wrong.

This story was originally published by FOX 10.

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