The Pickle-Flavored Doritos are finally here!

For every pickle lover out there the pickle flavored-Doritos have now hit the shelves in the United States. Instagrammer @theimpulsivebuy shared a photo of the new green bag of chips at the Dollar General Store.

“Now we have them, and I can enjoy the buildup of pickle-flavored Doritos dust on my fingers,” the Instagrammer wrote in the caption. The account also pointed out that the ‘i’ in pickle is replaced by a pink lightning bolt on the bag. "That right there makes me forgive Frito-Lay for taking so long to bring pickle Doritos to the U.S.," the account continued.

People commented on the photo right away.

"I'm eating Taco Bell rn, imagine a pickle Doritos taco," one person wrote.

The bag of chips first came out in other countries called the "Intense Pickle."

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