A football fan makes his garage into a $35,000 Mancave

With the return of football season one man prepared himself by spending $35,000 on a mancave. David Mckinder, from Australia, spent 10 years making his garage into the ultimate football viewing cave. It has a dugout, bar, a Tottenham Hospur themed poker table and 14 televisions. On top of that there is also a table and projector in there.

"As the times are really late and early in my part of the world, I had a dream that what if I could watch all my favourite sports at once, as well as a good game of poker with my mates while we're at it," he said.

Dave also added that his friends love coming over and watching football together.

He said "The passed three months has let me catch up on some sleep but I miss watching sport and hanging out with my mates."

This story was originally published by LAD Bible.

For more information: https://www.ladbible.com/community/daily-ladness-lad-turns-garage-into-35000-football-mancave-with-14-screens-20200612

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