Grade school kids donate class trip funds to Navajo Nation

With coronavirus canceling and eighth grade school class trip, students decide to donate their funds to the Navajo Nation.

“I've been following the situation in the Zuni and Navajo Nations really closely and it has been absolutely devastating,” cultural anthropologist Jess Falkenhagen said. “This is happening in our backyard and we've felt powerless as a tragedy unfolds in tribal lands.”

Falkenhagen made some phone calls and a list of what people needed on the reservation.

“We loaded up on toilet paper, cleaning products, antibacterial soap and wipes, thermometers, toiletries, 75 cans of nonperishable food, 20 boxes of diapers, jugs full of water… We just grabbed as much we could with the money we had,” Falkenhagen said. “My minivan was filled with each trip to the store.”

Her daughter also donated 30 masks she made from her own sewing machine.

This story was originally published by Good Morning America.

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