Krispy Kreme has new 'InDOUGHpendence' Donuts Out Now!

The perfect dessert is out now for July 4th from Krispy Kreme, InDOUGHpendence Day Doughnuts. There are four different types that have sprinkles and fillings.

Beginning today you can pick up a couple of boxes of these special donuts and treat yourself.

Here are the doughnuts:

  • Patriotic Sprinkles Doughnut: An OG glazed donut dipped in white icing and topped with red, white and blue sprinkles
  • Strawberry Sparkler Doughnut: An OG filled with strawberries and Kreme donut thats dipped in red icing and topped with star sprinkles
  • Original Filled Freedom Ring Doughnut: An OG filled with original Kreme donut with flag decoration and star sprinkles
  • Firework Donut: An OG donut thats dipped in blue icing, hand decorated with red and white icing, and topped with blue raspberry popping candy

“July 4th will be different this year, but delicious, red, white, and blue doughnuts in patriotic packaging are sure to help make it a happy holiday for you and your whole family,” Dave Skena, chief marketing officer of Krispy Kreme, said in a press release.

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