This Dad Built His Own Personal Coffee Shop In His Backyard

Everyone is really using their DIY skills right now during the coronavirus pandemic, especially this one dad who built his own personal coffee shop in his backyard. Twitter user @juliannastrid posted photos of the coffee shop her dad built. Her dad is a full-time contractor who built this coffee shop as a side project.

“He worked on it ONLY after work & on the weekends,” she shared in a tweet. “He took pieces that were ‘trash’ from old jobs (the doors, materials to build the structure, the front window etc) & repurposed them to create his coffee shop.”

He named the shop, "La Vida," which has two large windows for ample lighting and a string of lights outside. Inside there is a game table and bar seating by the windows.

"I’ve grown up watching my dad build amazing things around our house and for other people, he is truly an extraordinary builder," @Juliannastrid tells House Beautiful.

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