A double-decker plane seat arrangement could be our new way of traveling

Airplanes are evolving as the world is continuously changing with their new Zephyr Seat designs. These are double-decker lie-flat seats designs are currently being considered by major airlines. It is the brainchild of designer Jeffrey O-Neill of Zephyr Aerospace which allows Economy Plus Class passengers to lie flat or sit upright with their legs fully extended in their own space.

In a talking with CNN Travel, O’Neill explained, “We basically retrofitted a whole other seat on top of another. So it’s essentially two levels, it’s not as tall off the ground as people might imagine, it’s only four and a half feet off the ground from the entry point to the lower seat to the upper seat.”

The concept is to allow passengers legroom and space on future flights. None of the companies have committed to trying it yet.

This story was originally published by Matadornetwork.com.

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