My New Addiction: Valorant

Since the pandemic, I'm sure you can all relate to finding new hobbies and interests to pass the time stuck at home. During quarantine, I really turned to video games to help me through 2020. At the beginning I was all aboard the Animal Crossing train but lately have been feeling burnt out with games like that so I decided to try my first ever First Person Shooter game and I chose Valorant!!!! And honestly, I'm so mad I didn't start playing it sooner! I'm officially hooked and as soon as I get a free second after work is done, I'm logging onto my PC to play.

I am a big n00b though and have A LOT to learn, since this is my first FPS. But, I am having so much fun learning and playing with people all over the world. Do you play? Who's your main? I am really liking Phoenix and Sage right now, but excited to unlock other recruits to experiment and find my true ult. Let's play a match together sometime!!! :)