J-Hope from BTS Dropped a Surprise Track This Morning

I woke up to the BEST SURPRISE EVER this morning!!! J-Hope from BTS released a new song and the entire ARMY was shocked. The track is called "Blue Side" and while it technically isn't a brand new song (it was previously released as an outro on his 2018 Mixtape "Hope World") it still is shocking because this time he added a rap and new lyrics that you couldn't find on the previous version!

It seems like he had this planned because today is also the 3rd anniversary of that very mix tape "Hope World"! What an incredible gift from Hobi to us.

The masterpiece is currently only available on Soundcloud, listen now for good vibes!

Obviously, BTS are from South Korea so their lyrics are often in Korean. Here is a translation for you so you can feel the true magic of his words.

Here's a TikTok of me hand-painting the cover art from his mixtape, "Hope World" Happy Hope World Day everyone!! :)

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