It's Taco Tuesday! Who Makes the Best Tacos in the Valley?

It's TACO TUESDAY!!!!!!!!! A couple weeks ago, I had the BEST taco I've ever had in my entire life. I am still dreaming about it and can't wait until I can eat it again.

But, that got me curious. Who makes YOUR favorite taco? I want to try them all!!! I'm linking my favorite 2 places below, please be sure to comment your favorite place!

Here's my number one favorite place: FEEDNIX TACOS FOOD TRUCK (get the crispy cheese tacos!!!!!!! carne asada and burria!!!!!! Your life will be changed!!!!!!!)

My second favorite is: Tacos Chiwas (their al pastor tacos are to die for!!! also, their pickled onions are so bomb I could eat them like candy lol)

Let me know your favorite taco place! I NEED TO TRY IT!

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