BTS Will Perform at the 2021 Grammys!!!

It was finally announced!! We all knew this would happen when the Grammys said that BTS was nominated for the first time, but now the Recording Academy has officially revealed that the South Korean group will indeed be performing this Sunday, March 14th!

This performance comes one year after BTS attended the Grammys in 2020 and accompanied Lil Nas X on stage to sing part of their collaboration on 'Old Town Road'. However, this time will be their first ever solo performance and we definitely know they have some big things up their sleeves!

This announcement comes at the perfect time! Min Yoongi, AKA Suga always has his dreams come true when it comes to things he wants the band to accomplish. In many interviews, you can hear him say their dream is to have a solo stage at the biggest award show in America and as the Army says, "what Yoongi wants, Yoongi gets!" Today being his birthday makes it even more special, too :)

I can't wait to tune in this Sunday to see this historical performance and to see if BTS will secure their first Grammy win as well. They are nominated for the best pop duo/group performance category for their hit track Dynamite, the song that was #1 in the country for multiple weeks last year, topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Good luck boys, win or lose, you are amazing and nobody deserves this more!

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