Evanescence's Amy Lee Wants To Score A Nature Documentary

Evanescence’s comeback album, The Bitter Truth, just dropped by frontwoman Amy Lee already has her eyes on another project.

In a new interview for the latest issue of Metal Hammer via Louder Sound, Lee admitted that she wants to continue her work on scoring music and put her talents to the test in a nature documentary. "I've always thought it would be fun to be a part of creating the score to a great nature documentary, like Planet Earth, one of those amazing David Attenborough ones, underwater particularly," she explained to the magazine. "Every time I watch something like that I think, 'God, it’d be fun to work on the score for that!'"

If you know Lee's credits, you know that she previously collaboration with cellist Dave Eggar to compose music for the soundtrack to the 2014 film, War Story. The effort was titled Aftermath. The pair reunited a year later to work on music for the short film, Indigo Grey: The Passage.

In the meantime, the focus is on Evanescence’s latest LP, The Bitter Truth, which marks the band's first full-length record in 10 years.

Photo: Getty Images