Drake Shows Off His Abs & Toned Arms In Shirtless Gym Video

Clearly, Drake's been doing more than just "shootin' in the gym!"

On Tuesday (April 20), the Canadian rapper, who's been rehabbing his injured knee for the past few months, showed off his fitness progress by posting a shirtless video of himself and his crew putting in work at his home gym.

In the video, which was shared on Drake's Instagram Story, the "What's Next" rapper is shown flexing his abs and arm muscles as his friend hypes him up, saying "Yo, yo, slow down, dog!" The camera then turns to Drake's friends, who were in the middle of their workout.

Drake isn't the only one in his family hittin' up the gym. Earlier this month, the proud dad shared a cute moment with his three-year-old son on social media, posting an Instagram Story video of Adonis practicing his jump shot with his very own indoor basketball hoop. After sinking his first shot, the three-year-old went on to get two additional buckets, making a smooth three shots in total.

If the toddler's jump shot, and overall ball-handling skills, weren't impressive enough, it should also be noted that Adonis made the shots while his dad's hit "What's Next" played in the background.

Photo: Getty Images