VIDEO: Enormous Shark Caught On Camera Menacing Boat

If you sail the Atlantic Ocean, you'll probably see all sorts of sea life, from dolphins to turtles and of course plenty of fish - you might even spot a shark. That's what the passengers on one sailing cruise were treated to recently, but none of them expected the animal to be as big as it was, and their screams of terror prove it.

Video of the incident was shared on TikTok. It was filmed by Alex Albrecht, a singer who took some time to sail on the boat. The clip, which he captioned, "Sailed six weeks in the Atlantic, saw this big f***ing shark," was shot from high above, in a crow's nest atop a mast. It shows a gigantic shark swimming near the surface, right next to the vessel. Passengers crowd the side of the ship and shriek as they watch the animal.

WARNING: There is some harsh language in this video.

Thankfully for everyone on board, they had no need to worry about a scene from Jaws happening to them because, as many commenters pointed out, the creature in the video is a basking shark. Although the animal is ginormous, reaching lengths of 39 feet and a weight of six tons, it is not considered dangerous to humans. It's the second-largest fish in the ocean, and it eats plankton by opening it's huge mouth and filtering out the water.

Nonetheless, commenters were pretty shocked by the footage. One wrote, "What in the Jurassic world??" and another stated, "It's a megalodon," referring to the enormous prehistoric ancestor of the great white shark that could grow to be 59 feet long.

Photo: Getty Images

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