Unique Kind Of Treasure Hunt Comes To Arizona

Photo: Getty Images

A new, unique kind of treasure hunt is taking place in Arizona, reported AZ Family.

A Montana man released clues for his first two Arizona locations of "You Find Treasure." Founder Kyle Walby turned his interest in treasure hunts into a reality after the pandemic started. He buried 25 $100 bills. Four of those are hidden in Arizona.

Walby said, "This is all about fun. It’s about families going out and just having a good time in the outdoors. I haven’t really gotten any feedback yet with like knowing if the clues are going to be enough for people to actually find it. Or if I’m going to have to slowly release more clues."

None of the treasures have been found yet, to Walby's knowledge. But to keep everyone updated accurately, Walby is offering $50 to anyone who confirms online that they have found a treasure.

Walby said, "Some treasures are literally off a road or a highway. So you can kind of just drive right to them and once you figure them out they’re right there. Other ones are short hikes. And other ones are a little bit longer hikes."

Click here to start your treasure hunt.

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