Arizona Man Steals Woman's Wallet At Restaurant, Uses Cash To Pay His Bill

Photo: Getty Images

A woman visiting an Arizona restaurant had her wallet stolen, only to find out the man then used her cash to pay for his bill.

12 News reported that Olivia Brown was in town visiting her family when the incident occurred. She had stepped away to use the restroom so her mom picked up her purse and placed it on the backrest of the seat.

That's when a man took the wallet out of her purse. Brown said, "That's an extension of me and that's very personal. The guy had a better angle, so he was able to grab around and grab my wallet and then pay his bill with my cash."

Brown didn't notice her wallet was gone until the next day when she got a notification that someone attempted to use her card at Whole Foods. She said, "I looked in my purse and was like, 'oh my gosh, I don't have my wallet.'"

She contacted the restaurant and asked for security footage. General Manager Jason Brody said, "I turned on my cameras, thinking it was going to be a long shot but sure enough within two minutes, I saw the guy steal her wallet out of her purse." He added that the guy in the video paid cash for two beers and then left.

Police are urging people to stay vigilant and protect their personal belongings.

Brown is hoping to get her wallet back that was a birthday gift.

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