Rattlesnake Wakes Up Arizona Woman Then Takes Over Her Bedroom

Photo: Getty Images

One Arizona woman got an unwanted surprise when she was woken up by a rattlesnake at the side of her bed, reported The Tribune. And the situation only got worse from there!

The snake vanished from her sight and hid somewhere in her bedroom. The woman, who is from a town about 20 miles northwest of Tucson, escaped to safety in another part of the house.

"The western diamondback rattlesnake was initially found early in the morning by the homeowner on the side of her bed," said Derek Carlson, a rattlesnake prevention specialist with Rattlesnake Solutions. "For obvious reasons, she left the room quickly. She called a neighbor who helped look for the snake. He searched for a good period with no luck. She then decided to call me to inspect the entire house for the snake."

Carlson had just been at that very same home the day before to remove an even larger rattler from the yard. When he came back for round two, he faced a bedroom with towels stuffed at the bottom.

Carlson explained, "As soon as I opened the door to the master bedroom, I heard a slight buzzing sound."

He didn't immediately see the snake, but soon found it in a "defensive posture." Carlson said, "I opened the master bedroom door and found a juvenile western diamondback rattlesnake in a defensive posture on a bathroom mat below her vanity."

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