Arizona Girl Wakes Up To Naked Stranger In Her Bed

Photo: Phoenix Police Department

A homeless Arizona man was arrested after crawling into bed with a minor. AZ Family reported that Diego Lara Felix, 28, was arrested after allegedly crawling into a 12-year-old girl's bed while naked and falling asleep next to her.

Phoenix police were called to a home near 63rd Avenue and Thomas Road around 10 a.m. for a fight. When officers arrived, they found Felix naked in a bedroom.

The homeowners told police that they didn't know the man. Court documents state that the young girl was asleep and woke up to find the man naked in her bed. The girl then told her uncle, who woke Felix and called police.

Court documents state that the girl said she felt something on her leg, but she thought it was her cousin. Officers said that Felix asked the girl to touch his leg before he fell asleep.

In an interview with officers, Felix said that he "made a mistake" and "if he has to pay for it, he will." Felix said he remembers being at a house in west Phoenix drinking with his friends. He said the next thing he remembered was being in the back of the police car and didn't recall getting into the bed.

Officers found a bag of cocaine on Felix. He was booked on two counts of indecent exposure and one count of narcotic drug possession.

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