Here's The Best Grocery Store In Arizona

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Grocery shopping can become a daunting task when products aren't the best quality and there isn't a lot of variety. Some stores just offer a much more enjoyable grocery shopping experience than others.

LoveFOOD determined each state's best grocery store. The website states, "From century-old stores to newer supermarkets that have quickly gained a loyal following, read on for our pick of the best grocery store in every state."

According to the list, the best grocery store in all of Arizona is Mekong Supermarket in Mesa. The website explains:

"Arizona has a thriving food scene so it's no surprise that there are some excellent stores in the state. If you love seafood, Mekong Supermarket is a must-visit in Mesa. The 40,000-square-foot store is located in the Mekong Plaza mall and stocks Vietnamese, Mediterranean, and Latino ingredients that are difficult to source elsewhere. It has fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, and the largest live seafood selection in the area."

A full list of each state's best grocery store can be found on LoveFOOD's website.

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