Charlie Puth Finally Shares Full Version Of 'Charlie Be Quiet!'

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Ever since Charlie Puth shared a video detailing a new idea for this song, fans have been clamoring for an official release. On Friday, September 30th, their wish was granted, and even better, the track is featured on his upcoming album Charlie.

"What if there was a song called 'Charlie Be Quiet?'" the hitmaker asked fans in a video posted exactly a month ago. "That song is gonna be an award-winning one," one fan commented on the video. "This song is amazing," another user said. Fans also begged Puth to put the song out already. "Drop it man!!" one fan wrote with a fire emoji.

"Charlie, be quiet, don't make a sound/ You got to lower the noise a little bit now/ If she knows you're in love, she's gonna run, run away," sings in the chorus. The singer's self-censorship makes sense when you recall his previously released track, "I Don't Think That I Like Her," which details a Ready-For-Love Charlie getting rejected by women who aren't on the same page.

"Charlie Be Quiet" is the second to be featured on the album and is already poised to be a fan favorite. Puth shared a short but intriguing review from a fan that read, "It gives me "Camp Rock but grew up and tried out MDMA" vibes (a compliment)."

Photo: Instagram/@CharliePuth

With Charlie's album just one week away from its release date, the singer finally shared the full track list for the album by repurposing old TikToks that showed him making the tracks. Here is the updated tracklist:

  1. That's Hilarious
  2. Charlie Be Quiet!
  3. Light Switch
  4. First Time For Everything
  5. Smells Like Me
  6. Left and Right (feat. Jungkook)
  7. Loser
  8. When You're Sad I'm Sad
  9. Marks On My Neck
  10. Tears On My Piano
  11. I Don't Think That I Like Her
  12. No More Drama

Charlie drops on October 7th.

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