Mom Defends Naming Her Baby After Gross Infection-Causing Fungus

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When parents-to-be decide to go with a less common name for their baby, they take a risk. The child could be bullied because of their unique moniker, they name might be hard for others to remember, or, in the case of one soon-to-be mother, the name might have another, more unpleasant meaning.

A friend of the expectant mom took to Reddit to show how she was a good pal by discouraging the woman from giving her baby the questionable name. She shared a screenshot of her texts with the pregnant woman and titled her post "My Act Of Heroism Yesterday."

In the texts, the mom asks the friend for input on a name, writing, "What about Candida?" Since Candida is a fungus that causes infections, including yeast infections, the friend tried to gently fill her in on its meaning. The mom responded that no one would know about it, but her friend still suggested she not risk it. Steadfast, the mom replied, "I doubt that would have been an issue but ok."

Photo: Reddit

Commenters noted that some people are named Candida, but most agreed that it isn't the best choice. One wrote, "I know Candida is a legitimate name, but I can't hear it without thinking of yeast infections," while another said, "I had a coworker whose legal name was Candida. I knew what it was immediately. She went by Candy. I can only imagine why." Another added, "All women... would know what that means."

The mom wouldn't be alone in having a child with an unusual name. One baby was named after a bacteria, one name was so bad a nurse called child services, one name got a mom ghosted, one name was a literal crime, one name was the same as a serial killer's, and one name was Kevin.

No word on if the mom wound up going with Candida or not.

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