Faucets Could Run Dry For Hundreds Of Arizonans By The End Of The Year

Photo: Getty Images

More than 500 Arizona homes could be left without running water by the end of the year, reported NBC News. Residents of Rio Verde Foothills, just outside of Scottsdale, have made many efforts to curb the looming crisis with no success.

The deadline to stop water deliveries to the community is quickly approaching, which is forcing residents to find other sources of water for drinking, bathing, and doing other normal household chores.

Karen Nabity, who has lived in Rio Verde Foothills for seven years, said, "It's going to be really ugly for our homeowners and landowners. Some of us will borrow water from a friend's well, others will have to pay a water hauler from far away."

There are about 2,200 homes in the rural community of Maricopa County that does not have its own water system. Most of the residents get water from their own private wells on their properties. But more than 500 homes rely on truck haulers to deliver water from a standpipe in Scottsdale. There are also about 200 homes whose wells are running dry and periodically use the water haulers.

Scottsdale notified Rio Verde homeowners that its water supply would be limited to only city residents and would stop the water deliveries to the community starting January 1, 2023.

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