See How Suitable Arizona Is for Living Off The Grid

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Have you ever dreamed of living completely off the grid away from modern amenities, like electricity and running water? Have you ever wanted to live while drawing from sources on your own land?

24/7 Wall Street compiled a list of the best states in the US for living off the grid. The website states, "The site reviewed 23 different factors in their assessment, including the availability of renewable energy, the cost of cropland, and the availability of critical-care hospital access."

Arizona came in at number 40 on the list, placing in the 10 worst states for living off the grid. The state has a projected 5-year growth of solar installations, which is the 8th-highest, and the 18th lowest projected 10-year growth of wind power production of 1,520 megawatts. Arizona has the 22nd-lowest number of critical-access hospitals with 16.

Here are the top 10 best states for living off the grid:

  1. Iowa
  2. Texas
  3. Kentucky
  4. Minnesota
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Nebraska
  7. Kansas
  8. North Dakota
  9. Illinois
  10. Montana

Check out the full list of the best states for living off the grid on 24/7 Wall Street's website.

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