Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner 'Leaning On Each Other' Amid Their Breakups

Photo: Getty Images

Exes Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles are reportedly talking again as they deal with their respective breakups. According to a report from The Sun, friends of Styles have claimed that he and Jenner have been "leaning on each other" after both of their long-term relationships ended.

Jenner was reported to have quietly parted ways from NBA player Devin Booker last month and Styles is currently on a break from his nearly two-year relationship with actress and director Olivia Wilde.

“Harry and Kendall have always stayed in touch, but in light of their recent splits, they have more time for one another. And Harry has had Kendall’s ear over his break-up with Olivia," the source said. "Kendall is one of the few people to understand the level of fame and scrutiny which Harry endures. She is also dealing with her own tough time.”

Jenner and Styles sparked romance rumors from 2013 to 2019 and have been close for nearly a decade now. The source added, "Close as they are, Harry and Kendall found dating difficult, and all of those practical problems they faced years ago are still there. That said, their friends speculate that they might hang out over the holidays."

The source went on, “In the past they have gone away together shortly after respective break-ups, so they could very well end up on a yacht soaking up the sun in the next couple of months.”

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