3 Arizona Cities Are Considered The Best Real Estate Markets In 2023

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Purchasing a home is always an exciting yet tough decision.

Whether one is stepping into the world of real estate for the first time or embarking on a quest to find their ideal abode, it's crucial to grasp the nuances of the housing markets one is considering before making a significant, and possibly permanent, property investment.

With mortgage rates gradually on the rise and home values experiencing an average annual increase of over 1.0%, both potential buyers and investors are facing a pivotal moment.

In an effort to uncover the finest American real estate markets, WalletHub has systematically analyzed 300 cities, spanning a diverse range of sizes. Through a comprehensive assessment that encompasses 17 critical indicators related to housing market attractiveness and economic strength, the team set out to highlight the places in the country where the real estate landscape shines the brightest at this point in time.

The evaluative criteria captured everything from the median appreciation of home prices to the heartbeat of job growth.

It turns out that three Arizona cities made the list of the top 30 best places to buy a house.

Here are where all of the Arizona locations stand in terms of rank:

  • 10. Gilbert
  • 15. Peoria
  • 21. Surprise

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