Local Show On Grand Ave Offers A Look Into Phoenix's Young, Rising Talent

Local artists showcase their talent weekly at various locations throughout Phoenix including Crescent Ballroom, Valley Bar, Shady Park, Barsmith, The Van Buren and Club Red. 

At these shows local artists sing, dance, rap, DJ and even perform poetry. There are also a variety of pop up shops and food trucks that can be found at these shows. These artists gather to present new music, perform and most importantly to support each other. 

Last week Leewater, a local singer and member of The Color 8 band, threw an underground local artist show called "Light Shine 2.0." 

The show located at Grand Arthaus featured a variety of artists including Julius King, PK Tha Poet, Nutter Tut, Syrin, Dom Root and more. The event also included a clothing pop up shop and a taco food stand.  Artists sang while patrons listened, ate, drank and danced. 

Check out some of their music below:



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