Chino has always been captivated by the magic of radio and turntables at a young age. He spent much of his time watching local DJs in Southern California rock the night away at house parties, which eventually led him to purchase his own set of turntables. Night after night he would practice until he had the courage to follow his dream. It was then that he knew being on the radio was where he wanted to be.

He first learned the basics of radio at Palomar College before he started to make tapes to send out locally. A year later, he finally received a call back with a part time job offer. Continuing to work hard, he took any and every shift available until he was promoted to the Morning Drive slot. His dream has taken him all over the world DJ'ing in various cities. You might have heard him on many iHeartRadio stations across the country but San Diego is and will always be home.

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