Selena Gomez Shows Up On Instagram To Share A Positive Message

Selena Gomez has made a slight return to Instagram following her stay in rehab for low white blood cell count that let to an emotional breakdown and from making the effort to full away from social media according to Elite Daily.

Selena's return isn't on her personal account - it's on Puma's and it's part of her SGxPuma campaign. 

"Gomez appeared in two separate posts with a handful of other women declaring words of encouragement. Together, they sang out phrases like, "risk-taker," "unshakable," "charmer," "change-maker," and "boss." However, the one word that was repeated over and over again was "strong." The SG in SGxPUMA stands for Selena Gomez and Strong Girl, which is what she's calling her collection. Puma captioned the second video, "look out for your girls."

We just hope Selena is feeling better! 

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