New Music For November 30th

The Pains Of Growing - Alessia Cara

Grammy Award Winning artist, Alessia Cara just dropped her second album, The Pains Of Growing! It is one album that really captures not only Alessia's passion but her growth as an artist and how she has emerged since winning that New Artist Grammy last year! And if you ask me, it has this real Norah Jones - like taste to it! Such an incredible comparison right?! 

A few weeks ago, Alessia stopped by iHeart Phoenix to play some new music off her new album so we got a bit of a taste of what to expect! Cool story though - during it, the speakers stopped working well so she sang her song, Out Of Love, with no music for us and it was also the first time she did that for an audience! It was UNREAL! 

Nothing Breaks Like A Heart - Mark Ronson ft. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has had quite a month - had a birthday & lost her home to a devastating fire. She didn't let anything stop her to make and release this incredible collab, Nothing Breaks Like A Heart, with Mark Ronson. It has this western meets country kind of vibe! And if you listen to it, you can kind of hear her sounding just like Dolly Parton! This girl has had one unique career but her voice is just unreal and so very different! 

Rainberry - Zayn

Zayn just dropped a new song, Rainberry, a day after his big announcement that he will be dropping new album, Icarus Falls, on December 14th so we have about 14 days to prepare for that! I enjoy listening to the consistency from Zayn and can't wait to hear the album! 

Championships - Meek Mill

Meek Mill teamed up with Jay-Z, Drake, Cardi B, 21 Savage and a bunch more rappers in the game for his 4th studio album, Championships! The album also has 19 songs on it too! 

If you know anything about Meek, you know he has had some legal drama resulting in jail time and the celebs like Nicki Minaj, proved that they had his back. Now he is turning that into something positive - talking about criminal justice reform and hopefully it makes an impact even just by talking about it!

Feeling Of Falling - Cheat Codes ft. Kim Petras

We have had the opportunities in the past to meet both Kim Petras and Cheat Codes. They both just dropped this track called Feeling Of Falling and it is probably one of my favorite songs right now! I know we are a day into this but I can see this song getting remade into dozens of party mixes and/or remixes. It just has a great ring to it! 

Better Off - Benny Blanco, Jesse, & Swae Lee

Benny Blanco teamed up with Jesse and Swae Lee for this new track called Better Off. Swae Lee is from Rae Srummerd and has been on almost everyone's collabs lately but after we saw him at the iHeart Festival back in September, it makes sense! His voice is so different and it really goes well with sounds like that of Benny Blanco! 

My Own Thing - Chance The Rapper ft. Joey Purp

Chance The Rapper dropped this new track with Joey Purp called My Own Thing and it talks about well, doing his own thing! If you played this track with out knowing it was Chance, you would instantly get it because it has a similar vibe to the rest of his music! 

Colder - Nina Nesbitt

Nina Nesbitt just dropped this incredible new track called Colder that honestly makes you wanna get up and sway. We were lucky to meet her a few months ago and she is just such a talent! She got up on stage to perform and it was just super natural! 

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