A friend may have some outrageous, unworkable ideas for making money today. No matter what they involve, you'll probably start by listening just to be polite and then end up wondering if your friend is still on this planet. This isn't a good day to get involved in anything risky. 


Career matters might be very stressful today. Your mind is clouded by strong feelings about whatever you're doing. The world won't come to an end if everything you need to do isn't done today. 


You might be a little impatient with yourself today. Don't be afraid to ask someone to explain things. There are times when hearing it makes it more understandable than reading it.


Some vivid dreams could shed light on something you've been trying to find. Whatever it is, you might wake up with some new ideas on where to look for it. 


A social event could put you in touch with a magnetic person who has a lot of interesting stories to tell. They probably exaggerate, so don't take every detail as fact. They can be very convincing, but don’t get the wool pulled over your eyes.


Big changes are coming and you need to be prepared for them. Things will be moving in your favor and you should be able to look ahead and predict with some accuracy what is likely to happen next. Then you start making plans.


A decision may need to be made today that requires logic and practicality, Libra. You might find that your feelings get in the way though. Sometimes it's best to step back and look at why your emotions are interfering. 


Keep a tight hold on your feelings today, because if someone annoys you even a little bit there is a chance you will overreact and hit back at them in ways that are not really appropriate. You don’t have to always fight fire with fire.


Stress could have you feeling a little out of sorts by the end of the day, Sagittarius. You might have been considering going out, but it might be better if you put off those plans and stay home and chill. You need to release all that tension and have a good nights rest.


It should be obvious by now that fate is pulling you in a new direction, so stop resisting. The more you drag your feet the harder the route to the next point on your journey will be. Make things easy for yourself and enjoy the ride.


Attempts to balance emotions with logic may not succeed today, particularly where family is involved. People at home might be upset with you, and it will be hard to cheer them up. All you can do is leave them alone. Let them know you care, then back off.


Don’t worry too much if you need to move on from something you have grown attached to over the years. If you let it go without regret the universe will step in and replace it with something even better. Keep moving on and keep moving up

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