PAYTON'S PREDICTIONS: Which Sign Is The Most Fun

Aries – 1

Aries are all about fun. They don't need to have something on the schedule, to spontaneously plan a happy hour with their friends. Aries love taking risks and trying new things and it's not unlikely for them to encourage their friends to get out of their comfort zones and try them too.

Taurus- 9

When a Taurus is in a good mood, they can light up a room. Taureans are witty and fun as long as something doesn't set them off. If a Taurus gets upset with you for any reason, or feel as if they're being set up in any way.. they're not so fun.

Gemini – 4

Geminis are party people — they thrive on having fun in social settings and they love connecting with people and having a good time. Geminis seem to have a natural ability to make things fun; they can take something boring and turn it into the best night. 

Cancer – 12

Cancers are fun, they're just not into drama. They tend to be very sensitive, so it's not unlikely that they get their feelings hurt at a party or social gathering. If someone says something that Cancer interprets as unkind, that will bring any fun to an abrupt stop

Leo- 6

Leos are a fun sign, which is good because people expect them to be and gravitate to them. Leos aren't overly-sensitive, and you always know where you stand with them, so they won't attack you when you least suspect it. If they have a concern, they'll talk about it with you over a drink and a pizza.

Virgo- 11

Virgos have fun and are fun, they're just not showy about it. They don't have the desire to prove to everyone how cool they are, and they don't do stupid things when they're intoxicated. Virgos tend to feel guilty if they're having too much fun and it holds them back from cutting loose.

Libra – 3

Libras are a very social sign and they're all about fun. Libras don't need to be drunk or wasted to dance their booties off or to have fun, but they won't judge you if that's what you need to let loose and have a good time.

Scorpio – 8

Scorpios do fun the way they do everything: intensely. If they get a new interest that they're passionate about, their enthusiasm is contagious. 

Sagittarius – 2

Sagittarians don't like to stay still for very long; they get antsy if they're not out doing new things and meeting new people. They have a natural sense of fun and a real desire to explore the world, and they have fun doing it.

Capricorn – 10

Capricorns get a bad rap — they're not serious all the time. They have great senses of humor and can be completely fun. They're not showy and would never put someone down to make themselves feel better. It's just that they tend to make work a priority all the time which can be a buzzkill.

Aquarius – 5

Aquarians are very accepting and enjoy other people's quirks and weirdness, so the more unusual someone's point of view is, the better. You feel at ease with an Aquarian and are willing to go on whatever bizarre adventure you throw out there. 

Pisces –7 

Pisces can be either amazingly fun or too wrapped up in their own head to be aware of anyone else. But… when they're present, they're very fun. Because they're so creative, they always come up with new and interesting things to do. They're the first to try the new restaurant down the street to get out of the house for a little.

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