October will be a month of building self-confidence and self-awareness for you. This may come in the form of financial stability, relationship development, or other personal gains but just be aware, though and don’t let your confidence get your heads too high in the clouds. 


This October, you find yourself in the thick of measuring as you try to keep your head above water with the overwhelming amount of work being thrown your way. Even though you are managing to put your productive nature to work, it may be time weigh your options to find a greater balance in life.


The last few months have found you in a place of giving more than you get. Let these positive vibes flow, and you’ll see the benefits in your creative endeavors as well as the relationships in your life. Be ready for some exciting experiences, and make sure you allow yourself to move forward!


This month will be all about focusing on your family. You’re going to be in position for you to mend some relationships, make improvements, or move forward with plans for your home life. Take full advantage, and don’t leave anything unsettled as Halloween rolls around


There’s something in the air, and it isn’t just the smell of pumpkin spice and everything nice for you this month. You will find that your material values are going away to make room for the increased love in your everyday life. But always be careful not only with your own heart, but also the others who may be impacted.


Be ready to gather up all the inner patience you have, because this month is going to seem more than a little sluggish for you. Don’t let it bring you down, though: just keep one foot in front of the other, and you’ll make it there. 


This year has been all about new adventures and beginnings for you, and this month will be no exception. It’s time to really buckle down, though, and evaluate everything from your finances to your personal values.It’s time to claim what is yours, whether it feels fair or not.


Tension has been building for some time now in your closest relationships, often causing you to feel like a volcano on the verge of eruption. Try to care for yourself physically and mentally for the first half of the month, things will turn around for you 


You’ve been working hard, but don’t stop now: there’s still some clouds on the horizon before you make it to the sunshine. This month is a good time for reflection and self-evaluation. Don’t miss out on your chance to find new friends and people to surround yourself with who are really rooting for you.


Your career has been receiving a lot of universal energy, but things may have been tricking you into messing around a little too much. It’s time to buckle down and get busy. Just remember that things can always change in the blink of an eye, whether its positive or negative. 


It’s time to use the cosmic energy in your life to the fullest this month! Take a vacation, buy some books on something you want to know more about and find a circle of people that will help you grow


This month is the time the stars align for you to feel some financial ease.Be mindful of the signs around you, because there may be answers for you in your everyday world. Remember, enlightenment can often come suddenly, so brace yourself

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