Nic has been GATEKEEPING this for EIGHT YEARS!

Johnjay just found out he owns land in New Mexico

THIS IS JOHNJAY'S WORLD! We are just living in it! Today after the show, we got a backstage pass into Johnjay's afternoons and as expected, it's anything but what you would expect to hear. If you are headed by his neighborhood, plug your nose because the urinal is not getting fixed until Thursday!

Will Payton's Nipple Deflate?

Payton took out her Nipple piercings and Johnjay has reason to believe her chest is about to explode or deflate in some way, shape, or form! TODAY ON THE SHOW, Taylor Swift and Jax crushed the iHeartRadio Music Awards last night! P!NK won the Icon award as well. Also, We asked YOU to share your CRAZY THINGS YOUR BOSS MADE YOU DO! Did you ever leave a job becuase of a crazy boss? Share your stories with us on DM @johnjayVanEs and we will book your call. Plus, it's an ALL NEW SECOND DATE UPDATE and a new round of NOISE MACHINE (songs edition). All of this and SO MUCH MORE today on Johnjay & Rich!

Johnjay & Rich Present: SECOND DATE UPDATE


Kyle is left SPEECHLESS once again!

Oh mi, Oh my! Our Unufugular Queen don't you cry! Save your words, don't let them peep, for among the stars you're our Meryl Streep. Your tender throat will once again be sleek, and we'll cherish the moment you're able to speak. Drink lots of fluids and ring your bell, a new Kyle will emerge to raise all hell! TODAY ON THE SHOW< someone has ANOTHER SHOW PITCH for us! Does Rich really know his big boy words? Also, Payton had the WILDEST WEEKEND and Johnjay was mistaken for a Safeway employee? Plus, we asked you to tell your RETAIL REVENGE stories and some of ya'll are brutal, not gonna lie. But we get it. Been there. Done that. Finally, Payton has a new round of SWITCHAROO and Grant tells us three things HE thinks YOU should know.

I question everybody! Not just my friends!

It's FRIDAYYYY and Johnjay's got a game for youuuuu! Oh yeah baby! You know what time of the week it is! TODAY ON THE SHOW, it's been THREE weeks since Rich and Stacy tied the knot and things are finally starting to look like a marriage. Meanwhile, Robyn called us because her FATHER IN LAW saw her NAKED! Oh no! Also, Grant's HOT SEAT is back and the tension is high and Payton and Noah both agree that THE GREAT GATSBY is the greatest film of all time! Plus, it's an all new SPRING BREAK BUST, BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE LINE GAME, and SO MUCH MORE!

Johnjay & Rich Present: SPRING BREAK BUST



Johnjay needs his nap, TRUST ME! Today On The Show, we asked you about YOUR WORST FIRST DATES and I am still laughing about the mexican restaurant... its a must hear! Meanwhile, it's BLAKE'S BIRTHDAY AND WE ALL ARE SENDING YOU THE LARGEST HUG EVER!! Also, we answered some of your DMs from yesterday on things you found in a house! Plus, an all new WAR OF THE ROSES, FOUR SECOND RULE, and SO MUCH MORE!

Johnjay & Rich Present: WAR of the ROSES


you found WHAT in your house?

TODAY ON THE SHOW, we got an intriguing call and are looking to hear your stories if you have any! DM US @Johnjayvanes and tell us about WEIRD THINGS YOU found IN YOUR HOUSE, and when, why, and let us know if its funny or if its spooky! Also we talked about what makes a good friend... Johnjay is not interested if it requires being extroverted haha! Luckily, social butterfly Ms. Kyle Unfug tips the scales a little. Plus, she is slayyying once again by delivering us an ALL NEW ROUND of POP 10 and a GLORIOUS GBG today! All of this and SO MUCH MORE!