How The September New Moon Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign At Work

To all my Capricorns: You might find some unexpected pressure on your shoulders, Capricorn, but you can handle it. Stardust says, "The professional limelight now falls on you. You’re able to use your status to do good." 

consider it when life gets interesting.

September's intense full moon has come and gone, and now we can look forward to another lunar cycle that will affect us all: the September new moon, rising in Libra, which will happen on Sept. 28. A new moon generally brings about the desire to get a fresh start on your goals and to leave the past behind. But, of course, the new moon affects each zodiac sign differently, when it comes to life in general and when it comes to work. So, how will theSeptember new moon affect each zodiac sign at work?

Check out your sign and see how things are going to go this Month.

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