November 3rd...ITS BACK

FINALLY! So first of all I have never had Popeyes and seconds I have never got to try the Popeyes Chicken sandwich! I have heard so many mixed reviews who has the better one them or Chick-flia who is my favorite chicken place lol. This Sunday it is making a comeback haha I think it is hilarious that they are doing it the one day that Chick-fila is closed!

According to Delish

When even Oprah can't get her hands on something, you know it's a hot commodity. So now, finally,nearly threelong months after they introduced the chicken sandwich that launched a thousand ships (and tweets) into the world, Popeye's is gifting us with more buttery buns.

Since we still have a few days to wait—the sandwich will be back on menusSunday, November 3

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