How Sushi Becomes A Donut

Poke Burri’s Philadelphia location, where restaurant manager Jessy showed us how an “everything” sushi donut is made.

After laying out the ingredients, Jessy takes a ball of sushi rice and presses it into a saran wrap-covered donut molding tray. This process is repeated to create both of the donut’s sides, and one side is dressed with eel sauce, spicy mayo and furikake (seaweed seasoning) before the two halves are pressed together to create a finished base.

Thin slices of avocado, salmon and tuna are then carefully applied to the donut’s top half, as are triangular pieces of crab salad and spicy tuna. At this point, the donut is mostly complete, save for a final dash of seasoning. More eel sauce and spicy mayo are drizzled across the fish and avocado, while a finishing dash of flavor and texture is provided by furikake, sesame seeds and tempura flakes. The only thing to do after that? Enjoy.


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