The IRL Love Story Between These Halloweentown Co-Stars Will Make You Swoon

Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble, prepare to totally swoon over this Halloweentown couple. 

WhenKimberly J. Brown, affectionately known as Marnie Piper to legions of people who grew up in the '90s, confirmed she was dating Daniel Kountz—a.k.a. Kal, her nemesis in Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge—in an adorable Instagram post in October 2018, the Internet had a nostalgia-fueled meltdown. It was a storyline meant for a Hallmark Channel movie and fans couldn't get enough of the feuding on-screen co-stars becoming a real-life item that films TikToks and wears matching Halloween costumes. 

"It's been pretty fun getting to watch the fans' reactions to it over the years," Brown exclusively told E! News in their first joint interview as a couple. "It cracks us up."

But Brown had no idea just how potent the spell she was casting would be when she posted that photo of her kissing Kountz. "I thought some people would notice but it ended up going viral," she explained. "The comments were great. People were worried about Aggie's spellbook still were like, 'How can you date the enemy?!' and then other people were like, 'I shipped Marnie and Kal since the movie came out!'" ("Karnie" hive, show yourselves!)

Now, 20 years after co-starring in Halloweentown II, the couple still cause a frenzy on social media whenever they post a photo or video together. But Brown and Kountz were just as surprised as their fans were by the sparks they felt when they first reconnected in 2016 after she approached him about appearing in a sketch for her YouTube channel.

Though Kountz had attended Brown's 20th birthday party and they had kept tabs on each other through social media, meeting up in person for the first time in over a decade to grab dinner proved to be a catch-up that would change their lives.

"I know it took me by surprise," Kountz admitted. "I hadn't seen her in years and I'm waiting I'm sitting at the bar waiting and she comes walking in and I was like, 'Well hello there it's been a while, hi!' So it was pretty much just right away I was like, damn girl."

Like we said, it's a meet-cute re-do worthy of a Hallmark movie. 

Check out the pictures down below of the couple!

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