STUDY: 63% of Americans Believe in the Paranormal

Half of Americans swear they’ve encountered a ghost from the great beyond, leading many to believe their homes are haunted too. According to a recent survey of 2,000 adults,63% believe in the paranormal. Respondents say the most common unexplained beings they believe exist includeghosts (57%), visitors from other planets (39%),andBigfoot (27%).A third (35%) even say they’ve felt an unexplained presence in their homes — including seeing previous residents appearing and suddenly disappearing, hearing doors randomly open and close, and seeing flickering lights and shadows with no discernible source.

Overall,44% claim they’ve had a personal experience with the paranormal. Nearlytwo in three (63%) also believe life exists on other planetssomewhere in the universe and55% believe full moons can make people behave strangely.The poll also finds people’s belief in the paranormal goes beyond just ghosts and aliens.56% believe some people can see and predict the future,while51% think some people can read minds.More than a quarter(29%) have sought the guidance of a psychic reading.Some of these respondents say they learned how loved ones would die, where long-lost family members are now, and details about their future children.

The study revealed that although23% don’t believe in the paranormal, they also don’t want to provoke anything thatcouldprove them wrong.


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