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Carlton – 5Y, American Pit Bull Terrier, 47 lbs. CLICK ON ME FOR MORE INFO!
Cairo – 9Y, American Bulldog Boxer Mix, 60 lbs. CLICK ON ME FOR MORE INFO!
Cheesecake – 8Y, American Pit Bull Terrier Mix, 61 lbs. CLICK ON ME FOR MORE INFO!
Darren – 8Y, American Pit Bull Terrier Mix, 65 lbs. CLICK ON ME FOR MORE INFO!
Jermaine – 3Y, American Pit Bull Terrier Mix, 43 lbs. CLICK ON ME FOR MORE INFO!
Keke – 7Y, American Pit Bull Terrier, 55 lbs . CLICK ON ME FOR MORE INFO!
Kelsey - 2Y, American Pit Bull Terrier, 50 lbs
Nakia – 5Y, Staffordshire Mix, 69 lbs
Oakley – 6Y, American Pit Bull Terrier Mix, 68 lbs
Saffron – 3Y, Australian Cattel Dog Mix, 61 lbs
Max is a handsome, black male Lab, and comes with the energy of a puppy. He is 5 years old!
Cooper is a gorgeous purebred yellow male who is 1.5 years old!
Blake is a happy active big boy who needs leash work, exercise, and play. He’s an almost 2-year-old black lab.
Waylon is beautiful sad brown eyes and a pretty fox like color. He is 3 – 5 years old.
Otis is a 9-month old beagle-boxer mix.
Bruno is a 12-year-old Beagle mix male.
Rudy is a 9-month old beagle-boxer mix.
Chace, approximately 6 years old, is big all-natural Doberman.
Female/Spayed Shepherd/Mix 5 years
Cupid is my name & i'm a 2 year old Male - Neutered Terrier Mix
My name's Cleatus! I am a 1-year-old male shepherd mix.
My name is Gandhi. I’m a little over 2 years old. I'm a male Terrier, American Pit Bull Mix.
Hi! I'm Ghost. I’m a 6.9 yrs old male. Retriever, Labrador/Mix
My name is Jaxson and I’m 3.6 yrs old. Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Mix.
Hello! My name is Kayleigh! I am a sweet 2.9 year old Chihuahua.
Howdy, I'm Rey! I'm a 3 year old male Alaskan Husky Shepherd.
My name is Angie, I am a good girl and I'm looking for my forever loving home!
My name is Axel, I am a super sweet boy. I like to play and be around my people.
My name is Bea! I am a super sweet and playful girl that needs a family all my own!
Hi there! I'm Bodie! I am a very sweet boy. I love to play and have fun.
Hi there! I'm Brax,I am a big love bug. I love to be with my people.
My name is Libby, short for Liberty. I am a sweet, lovable, playful, energetic girl looking for a family and a home to call my own.
Hi I'm Lulu! I am a playful girl and I am looking for my forever loving home.
My name is Martini. I am a sweet but shy gal. It takes me a little bit to come out of my shell.
My name is Rooty! I am a sweet boy looking for my forever loving home. I like to run and have fun!
Lillie Ann is such a sweet 22 pound little girl, she is estimated to be about 12 years old. She really enjoys lounging on the cool tile and napping
Buddy, 10, Boxer/Pit Bull Terrier mix
Chiweenie, 14, Chihuahua/Dachshund mix
Howie, 11, Beagle/spaniel mix & Rico, 9, Chihuahua/terrier mix
Jack, 10, Chihuahua mix
Howie, 11, Beagle/spaniel mix & Rico, 9, Chihuahua/terrier mix
Theia, 9, Dutch Shepherd mix
Oso is a 2 year old, Red Fawn Shar Pei, Neutered,
Senior dog lovers! Eleven-year-old Ana needs you! This sweet senior gal has been through a lot.
Say hello to Durango! Now you KNOW we're in love with this handsome Pittie blockhead!
Say hello to Eleven! On a 1-10 scale of CUTE, this girl breaks the chart at an eleven!
Meet Garner! AKA "Bobblehead" to his friends at Home Fur Good.
Meet Hope! She is hopeful she will find her forever home ASAP.
A big round of applause for Mama (super) Nova who raised seven pups of her own, AND two adopted pups!
We know… you’re in love with those ears! Aren’t they adorable?! Meet Oscar!
Gorgeous Simara is still looking for a home!
We know everyone is ready for this hot summer to be over... but Zoey isn't!
Rizzo is a 1.5 year S/F terrier mix
Buddy is a 5 year N/M Chinese crested,
Cooper is a 1-2 year N/M terrier mix,
Cora is a 1-2 year S/F terrier mix,
Josie is a 1 year S/F beagle mix
Renen is a 6 year N/M chi mix,
Ripley is a 1 year S/F terrier mix,
Churchill is a goofy and lovable guy looking for a cat free family with older or no kids.
Sweet Dobby was found as a stray in Avondale, and while he was microchipped, attempts to contact his previous owner were of no success.
Sixty pound Greta is a happy-go-lucky girl looking for a family to give all her love and attention to.
Sweet Inca was found as a stray, so her history is a bit of a mystery!
Kita was surrendered when her family could no longer financially afford to care for her.
After Layla’s family could no longer care for her and her two dog sisters, the group came to Lost Our Home looking for fresh starts!
Senior Patti Paige is looking for a home that will let her shine like the star she is.
Tulip is a sweet and shy girl looking for a home to help her build her confidence.
Meet Cooper! He is our newest rotten rottie!
Mayzie is a sweet affectionate pretty girl, who loves to go on walks.
Pure bred roittweiler. Good with very sweet, loves people.
Spot was a stray who was taken into MCACC west.
Maizy is estimated at around 5. Her exact age is unknown.
Alexander the Great ' Alex ' is a wonderful Boxer boy that is ready for a loving and playful home!
Precious is an older dog whose owner could no longer care for her.
Marigold – eight-year-old American pit bull terrier mix brought to the Arizona Humane Society as an injured stray with wounds, treated in AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™ where it was found that she also has arthritis and is overweight.
Panda and Whimpers – Panda and Whimpers are eight-year-old Chihuahua brothers who were surrendered to the Arizona Humane Society after their previous owner experienced some hardships and were no longer able to care for them.
Sally – beautiful Sally is one of about two dozen pets rescued by the Arizona Humane Society when they were found to not be receiving the proper medical care or living in proper conditions.
Squeak – adorable three-year-old Rottweiler mix who was surrendered to the Arizona Humane Society when her previous family were unable to care for her any longer.
Stephan – Stephan is a handsome four-year-old Boxer mix who was rescued by Arizona Humane Society Cruelty Investigators after he was found abandoned by his previous owners.
Bailey is about 2 years old and absolutely loves humans and other dogs and loves to play a bit and she is just very very sweet.
Adele is a silly 7 year old pittie mix.
BELLA, a beautiful 7 year old cattle dog/rottie mix.
Buddy is a handsome 7year old cattle dog/rottie mix.
Meet Rudolph. Stunning, chill and awesome are just a few words to describe Rudolph.
Roman is a 7 year old pittie/hound mix. Roman is a very smart boy and is eager to please.


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