Justin Bieber Facing Jail Time?

There is currently a warrant out in Brazil for Justin Bieber's arrest once he stops in Brazil for his Purpose World Tour for an incident that took place 4 years ago. In 2013, he illegally spray painted his hotel room, £23million Hotel Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, which is protected as a cultural heritage site. Bieber has not returned to the country since. 

The case was originally closed so he could continue his Believe World Tour but a judge ruled to reopen the case since he is returning for his new tour. If he is found guilty, they could sentence him to 1 year in Brazilian prison. 

Bieber's first show takes place today with his last one on April 2nd. The best bet is for Bieber to not show any sign of aggression and listen to the Brazilian police and go from there. Otherwise, they could end up arresting him immediately.  



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