BREAKING: Kane Brown's Show At Livewire Has Been Cancelled!

After feeling the affects of laryngitis at his show in Tuscon on Wednesday night, Kane Brown visited the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix this morning.  He was advised by doctors to reschedule his show tonight in Scottsdale, AZ and tomorrow in Tuba City, AZ.   Brown is expected to recover fully within a couple of days and the shows have already been rescheduled.  Scottsdale will be on May 4 and Tuba City on May 7.

"I feel terrible about this and if it were up to me I would be playing both shows," says Brown,  "I have been so excited to play in Scottsdale and Tuba City and I'm disappointed that I have to postpone.  But we will be making a special trip back to Arizona to take care of the fans.  I hope to see everyone in May and I promise I will make it up to them."