Meet Titus, A Pitbull So Rare That He's The Only One Of His Breed In The World



At first you might think this is a Cheetah, but not…. Say hello to Titus the Pitbull.

Titus became popular a couple of weeks ago, when his pictures went viral, and he was posted all over the internet.

Please know that this type of “mutation” is not natural.

There are various different ways to create a cheetah appearing dog.... ready?

1. Some can use the magic tricks of different programs, in order to make their dogs look like Titus

2. Applying spots to dogs using non-toxic, temporary ink.

Keeping that in mind, behold another rare and mythical dog of unusual appearance, such as this Sahara dachshund: 

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But for real... Do you think 'coloring' your dog is normal? Should this be banned or is this funny? 

Source: Doggies Care

Photo: Facebook



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