This Woman's Eyebrow Microblading Horror Story Is The Scariest Thing Ever!


This is why I always go to someone I trust and know! Also, remind me to never get my eye brows microbladed!

The area around her eyebrows swelled, getting redder and more inflamed by the day, until the skin on her face eventually peeled off onto her pillow.

Update: The salon owner of Skincare Laser Clinic and technician Iain Cleveland has officially responded to Amanda Coats' claims, stating that she believes the adverse reaction at hand was all "due to an allergy to one of the supplementary products." Cleveland assures us that the procedure took place in a sterilized environment with safe equipment.

"SLC cares deeply about all its clients and delivering quality outcomes whilst abiding by strict industry best practice, standards, and regulations," she says. The post has been removed from Facebook.

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