Johnjay & Rich Knew About The Chainsmokers New Song 'Sick Boy' Last Year!

The Chainsmokers are back and released some new music labeled "Sick Boy" and fans are going nuts over this song. 

“Sick Boy” is the group’s first new music since their 2017 album Memories…Do Not Open. 

Watch the new music video below.

Here's the catch... Johnjay & Rich knew about this song WAY before anyone else! In an interview at their tour stop for Memories... Do Not Open in Glendale, AZ Johnjay asked: 

"It'd be great to listen back at this interview at some point; is there something that right now that's like a secret project or something you're working on now you can give us a sneak peek"

Drew Taggert replied: 

"Oh yeah there's a lyric that goes 'They say that I'm the sick boy...'"


JJR get the exclusive again! 

Skip to 3:35 in the Johnjay & Rich interview below to see the moment it happened!

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