This Spectra Art Installation At Coachella 2018 Is An Instagrammers Dream

If you're at Coachella or watching from home... then you've probably noticed a new art intallation that's catching everyone's attention. It's a rainbow-colored cylinder that can be seen from across the festival grounds and it's proving to be the best place to capture your Instagram post!

This seven-story column made of plexiglass windows ranging from every color on the spectrum and funny enought... it's called "Spectra" which was designed by United Kingdom-based design studio Newsubstance. 

At the top of this 7-story art installation is an observation deck that over looks the entire Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.  

According to,

NEWSUBSTANCE has created an art installation you enter to experience: a seven-story spectrum of color with an observation deck offering 360-degree views of Coachella and beyond. From the outside, Spectra appears as an impressive architectural entity. Inside, it’s less about itself and more about your experience: Light, color, and perspective change with every step you take.

“As people venture into our pavilion, they will find peace and serenity,” says creative director Patrick O’Mahony. “It takes down the sound of the festival a few notches and provides a space for reflection.”

Spectra explores the relationship between light and landscape, the shifting environment it creates, and how it influences those who journey through it. It also captures the beautiful explosions of color as the iconic sunrises and sunsets roll across the landscape. The installation features 31 custom cast colored panels and more than 6,000 feet of LED lights, which at night illuminates the site and bathes you in a magnificent spectra of colors.

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